Eco-friendly unpackaged detergents and cosmetics

Descover the new package-free system. Choose from many references, 18 from the home line and 9 from the personal care line! Bag-in-box system with a specially designed non-drip tap.

The most requested package-free system in Italy.

In the past few years many more families choose to reduce the use of plastic and for this reason many more shops decide to sell unpackaged detergents and cosmetics.

Greenatural has patented this innovative system to provide a solution to this need, with an ELEGANT WOOD EXPOSITOR and our BAG-IN-BOX packaging this system becomes easy and fast. This system takes little space, because it is only 35 cm wide, providing enough space for 8 different references.

Greenatural provides a comprehencive range of organic certified products, with 18 references for the home range and 9 for personal care.

The organic certifications are an added quality guarentee.

All bag-in-box are vaccum-sealed to keep the product inside unaltered. Ones the bag is empty it is recyclable, in favor of a lass wasteful lifestyle.

This system is ideal for small shops that do not have a lot of space, like organic stores, pharmacies, health stores and bulk-distributors.

This system also hels to built customer loyalty, providing a greater influx of people in your store.

Find out for yourself how simple it is to resell Greenatural’s unpackaged detergents and cosmetics.

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